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Animation Release 2 ( 12 / 15 / 98 )

File Howto

The file command can make the game faster, reduce network load, and enable moving monster!

Download the game image archive and extract it to your C: drive on your PC so the game can use those images for display instead of those on the net.

First get the correct compressed image archive.

Animated GIF files

  • PC use /file ( USA http )
  • Macintosh : Use the PC archive and extract with ZipIt


This is still experimental but I am will setup a game command /filem which will then look for the files in the path file:///Hard%20Disk/Game/Balrog/0.gif

So put the files on your HardDisk Folder located on your Desktop and in your HardDisk folder should be another folder called Game with more monster subfolders and some files.

/filem prepends the path file:///Hard%20Disk and the rest of the path may be case sensitive, not sure about Macintosh. If so you might have to change case on the files to get them to work, let me know


  • Move this zip archive to your C: drive and extract! You can use WinZip to extract the archive.
  • Double check that a directory C:\Game now exists and has subdirectories for each monster like Dragon Balrog ... etc.
  • Then when you enter the game type /file.

    Run the Command

    • Animated GIF files on PC use /file
    • Animated GIF files on UNIX use /fileu
    • Still JPG small files on PC use /fileo

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