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CyberMyst Death

There are two types of Death in CyberMyst now, a player to player kill causes the player who dies to loose kill index points to the opponent, while a real death due to other causes will causes the player who dies to loose all hit points, kill index, weapons, and items.


If you are in combat and your hit points get very low and you cast a bad spell or hit the wall a few times you will die a real death due indirectly to combat. Users frequently /.9 to break paralysis which might if you were low on hit points kill you!

This is a new system and being worked on and there is considerable support to revert to old Dungeon type game where weapons are free and combat is possible in all but a few rooms, real death only. Also we could create an older style game and split and improve the new style or just make one combat and one no combat versions of the Dungeon.

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