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These are game technicalities for those who enjoy such things.

5~A The formula for monster hits is as follows.

Example : If you have 4000 maximum hit points and a Dragon attacks with a heavy hit (fireball).

level = 1 + ( max hp / 1500 )

This would be a level 3 and a Dragon heavy hit is 300 so it would take off 900 points per fireball.

The following is the latest update on CyberMyst denizens. The type of monster is followed by vital stats in the following format.

Type : strength : reward : light hit : heavy hit : light hit desc : heavy hit des : heavy hit des

Monsters are created with a default strength (hit points) which can get up to 3 times higher if the monster makes kills. Reward is how many points you get if you kill it and then there are points the monster takes a way for a light or heavy hit.

6:Imp:5:2:1:2:hits:spits fire enveloping:in flames:::
0:Spider:6:3:1:3:bites:sprays:with green caustic acid:sprays:with green caustic acid:
0:LilDevil:7:3:1:3:bashes:stabbs:with a small knife:bashes:silly with a club:
2:Gnome:10:4:1:4:hits:clubs:with a wooden bat:poisons:with a dart:
5:Orc:25:20:3:15:hits:slices:with a small sword:bashes:silly with the sword hilt:
0:Skeleton:35:20:3:20:slashes:stabs:with a sword:stabs:with a sword:
1:Goblin:50:30:3:25:hits:slashes:with a long sword:blinds:with a handfull of dirt:
7:Demon:75:50:4:100:pummels:casts a spell draining the life from::casts a spell draining the life from::
2:Troll:150:150:4:200:clubs:rips:limb from limb:bites:with poison fangs:
0:Ghost:250:100:3:100:scares:sucks the life blood from::sucks the life blood from::
9:Balrog:400:250:5:300:claws:freezes:with frost breath:::

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