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CyberMyst Tips ( 4 / 2 / 97 )

  • All players start with magical energy called mana, your beginning maximum mana is 2 and you start with 2 mana. Mana is used to cast spells like magic missile and lightning bolt. A magic missile will take 4 points off a monster and cost 1 mana while lightning bolt costs 2 mana and takes 8 points. This may be a newbies best weapon since you can cast spells from for enough away so monsters can't hit back! To use this command just type "/cast 1 Imp" to cast a magic missile ( spell #1 ) at the Imp in the room.

  • Keep moving around, as you move your mana and your hit points regenerate. If you just stand still monsters will occasionally come charging into the room and hit you, eventually you will die.

  • Combat between players is allowed if both players have swtiched to combat mode. To turn on this option type /combat 3 times. For Ops once activated this option can not be turned off until you die or the game is completely reset at the end of the month. There are no safe rooms, if you have a slow connection, switching to combat mode is not advised as other players may kill you before you can respond. If you make a kill you get all the opponents hit points less 15. Killing 15 / 15 newbies gives no points. Players in combat mode show up on a /whoall listing with a combat index of 0 and everytime they type /combat this value is decreased until it reaches 0 and combat enabled.

  • Don't go after big monsters, if a monster hits you look at how many hit points you had before and after being hit, if your new and it takes more than 2 hit points then it's a good idea to run away rather than hit back! Definitely do not go after Dragons with less than a bag of potions, good armor, a wand, and 100 hit points.

  • Find a weapon!!! If I encounter a monster I don't fight, I just run around looking for weapons. Finding weapons is part of the game but usually there are some near 25.25. To get a weapon move around till you see the direction and room location in RED. Then type /l to see what is there. If you see something use /get to pick it up. If it is a weapon it is automatically wielded so you can attack monsters right away! The strength of a weapon is displayed in brackets as you wield it and currently there are no cursed or bad or useless weapons.

    Since there seems to be a shortage of weapons you can now buy some of them in the shop, a few very cheap low hit value items are now sold as well including dagger, small sword, small shield for the cost of one or two life points!

    Decent starting weapons include small sword, dagger, large club, large sword, even a quarterstaff will help you some. I think 25.27 usually has daggers, 26.27 has some large clubs, 25.25 small swords, and 27.22 large swords. Rooms are numbered with 1.1 being most north west room and getting larger as you go east and south till you hit 51.51. So upper left of the map is 1.1 and lower right is 51.51. If you're brave just try going 2 rooms foreward then make a left and go 3 more rooms foreward and maybe there are some large swords left. If you get killed by monsters on that path try going left - forward - right - foreward - left ... or circle around if the doors are open still.

  • You may wonder why I keep talking about 25.25? Well this is where you start the game, and if you die it's where you end up when you start again.

    Once you have your weapon and maybe a small shield, find yourself a small monster. Most Imps can be killed with a dagger or large club in 2 successful blows. This means if you start with a weapon and 4 / 5 you got a good chance to kill one. This will increase your maximum allowed hit points. Walk around and find another small monster to kill!

    The other way to regenerate your hit points is to quaff a potion. Some potions are good and others are bad. It is part of the game to figure out which is which but potions of a certain type always have the same effect. Even among bad ones some are worse than others. One type will kill you even if you have full strength, ergo it's deadly but most others will only kill if you have less than full strength. Dead or not, in either case you are not going to enjoy the experience.

  • What about monsters, do they regenerate? Well the answer is sorta. If a monster manages to kill a user they get even more bloothirsty and stronger! Also weak monsters if not killed fast enough may shout out and other monsters will come to assist!

  • Once you have built up enough hit points you can go after larger monsters, or explore farther away from 25.25 in search of better weapons and armor maybe even some wands.

  • How about weapons, how good are they and how do they work? When you wield a weapon the strenght will be displayed as a number (wands are fractional). More powerful weapons not only take more points away from the opponent but also have a lower chance of missing.

  • Wands have a limited number of charges before they crumble to dust and work by taking away a percentage of the opponents maximum score. This means a wand won't hardly do anything to an Imp but it takes a good chunk out of a Balrog or Dragon! This means it's better to use a claymore on most monsters but switch to a wand for the big guys. Watch out for wands, with the best type of wand even a novice player can kill the most powerful un-armored player with 14 blasts or less! Different kinds of wands have different number of charges and so far all wands are good. Though it is not yet implemented ( wands should be used from a distance ) eventually it will be so that monsters will not be able to hit back when used.

  • You should be careful with some of the large monsters, after you get your score up you may get too confident but a couple things can happen. All monsters can scream for help from fellow monsters but it seems the bigger ones are smarter and do so more often. Usually an Imp does't have time to call for help but Dragons take awhile to kill so they make alot of noise. Secondly, large monsters are attracted to power, they don't notice the small players much, they may scratch, bite, even kill by stepping on you accidentally but if they do notice you they can get much meaner.

  • Hoarding: what is it? Hoarding is where you keep items you don't need but carry them around so other players can't use them or to keep in case you want to give to a friend. This isn't a very nice or fair thing to do and will be dealt with fairly. If you have two weapons or defensive items of the same type they will be recovered by the server or if you have more than a total of 4 weapons and defensive items combined some will be recovered by the server.

  • If you get lost and can't find your way there is a /map command which shows your location as a red dot and 25.25 as a white dot.

  • Rules for making doorways are complicated. Rooms coords less than 1 or greater than 51 are not allowed, as well as both coords being even not allowed. Then both rooms must be set /link +, if you make a doorway out of a room it is automatically set to /link -. Finally, a room with single door can not join a room with more than 1 door and the reverse as well, so only tunnel ends can be joined. Branching and rejoining will work but must be planned. This is to keep the maze compicated rather than a simple grid.

  • Quit running around naked and go get some armor! Everyone's laughing at you!

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