CyberMyst Tutorial / Game Basics

Location and Direction

EAST 25.25

At the top of the screen is a room view, this particular view shows a room with doorways foreward and to the right. Also present is a common CyberMyst creature called an Imp.

Notice that just above the room it lists the room coordinates as well as what direction you are facing.

Getting Items and Coins

If the direction and coordinates are in RED TEXT it means there are ITEMS in the room. You can use /look to see what items are there and /get to get the items! Or you can use the keypad by typing 1 [ENTER] to look and then 7 [ENTER] to get everything in the room.

Buying Weapons and Armor

When you begin the game you will arrive in the weapons shop and be given an allowance of gold coins to use to buy items. Gold coins are displayed left of the room view below hit points and mana. You should type /buy to see a list of items that you can /buy from the store and then /buy followed by the item name to make the purchase. The store contains weapons of various types, clothing, shields, armor, and items of magical value. The weapons shop is always at location 24.25. You can only /buy items in the weapons shop and must return when you want to /sell your weapons or armor and /buy better ones.

Getting More Coins

To get more gold coins you must explore the dungeon and slay evil monsters who are out to take your life and prevent you from getting more dungeon treaasure! When you begin you will not have enough hit points to fight advanced monsters but you have defenses you can use!

Hit Points and Death

Hit points and mana are displayed to the left of the room view and all users start with 15 hit points with a maximum of 15 hit points. As you kill more monsters the maximum hit points increases. Your current hit points regenerate as you move around or can be restored by quaff-ing the correct type of potion. If your current hit points reach 0 your character will die and you will loose your items, money, and score and must start over.

Hitting Monsters

Hitting monsters is quite easy, all you need to do is type 5 in a room with a monster and you will hit the monster. If you are in /combat mode you will hit the first player you find in the room after all monsters are exterminated. Combat mode is default and you must type /combat if you do not intend to fight with other players.

Basic Strategy

You are weak to begin with so start with small monsters like Imps and Gnomes and work your way up. As you slay monsters you will get more gold which you can pick up off the floor. When you get enough gold you can return to the game store and buy better weapons and armor. As a new player it might happen that you run into something stronger like a Balrog, Ogre, or Dragon and rather than fight such a creature it's better to run away. The problem is that these monsters aren't all that stupid and will hunt you down!

Magic Spells

Players begin with 2 mana, or magical energy and can use this mana to cast either 2 magic missile or 1 sleep spell. If you meet a very stong monster you can always put it to sleep and then excape to regenerate your hit points. Mana regenerates over time and if you are depleated you can wait a minute or two for it to build up again. Hit points only regenerate by moving or /quaffing potions.

Quaffing Potions

Quaff is abbreviated /q and you can /q potion name or type 9 [ENTER] to get a list of items and 9 [index] [ENTER]. Indexing is more advanced but each item in your bag can be used by typing the number of the item you want to use, indexing starts at 0 not at 1. Beware, not all potions are good!


A full list of game commands can be displayed by typing /help in the game or just help on a single line!

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