CyberMyst Tutorial
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Basic movement and commands in CyberMyst can be controlled by the keypad. Keypad movements are relative to the direction you are facing, or in otherwords you can move forward, left, right, or back ... NOT cardinal directions like north, south, east, and west.

You can enter as many as 10 movements as a set of numbers. As an example 555 [ENTER] will hit 3 times, 88 [ENTER] will move forward twice.

For redundancy commands n, s, e, w, go n, go s, go e, go w are recognized to make single movements in cardinal directions.

Run / Move

  • 8 Move forward through the door in front of you
  • 2 Move backwards without turning around
  • 4 Turn towards the left door and and go through
  • 6 Turn towards the right door and go through


  • 5 Hit a monster or another player in combat mode
  • 1 List at items in room numbered by index
  • 7 Get everything in the room
  • 9 Inventory of items in bag, by index
  • + Shows a list of spells and how to cast them
  • ++ Flush Messages


    • 14 Look Left, 1 = Look and 4 = Left
    • 70 Pick Up item indexed as 0
    • 14 Look Left, 1 = Look and 4 = Left
    • 90 Quaff potion from bag indexed as 0

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